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Depicted Scopes

Bei den Hörsituationen im öffentlichen Raum TOUCHING SOUNDS im Rahmen der Darmstädter Ferienkurse habe ich die Arbeit “Depicted Scopes” beigesteuert. Depicted Scopes (2021)Die hier aufeinanderfolgenden und teilweise manipulierten Soundscapes wurden von 2011 bis 2021 in Kairo (Downtown und auf dem Nil bei Maadi), in Weimar und in Fulda, sowie bei nächtlichem Regen in Tallinn, jeweils …

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Decem Milia

Decem Milia

Concept This musical motion graphic is based on 10.000 pixels. The length of the score, the objects created and the structure of the piece are based on various mathematical (chance) operations and algorithms dealing with these 10.000 pixels. Instruments The piece is for two instruments. However, these instruments are not determined. It could be acoustic …

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AN Symposium 2016

Until very recently, the innovations presented to the field of music notation remained fairly conventional. However, recent developments indicate that the field of tools for musical notation is now moving towards new forms of representation. Animated Notation is one of them. This symposium is dedicated to issues in theoretical and applied interdisciplinary research and development …