Scrennshot InSonora 12
In-Sonora 12
Check out my talk at In-Sonora 12 in Madrid, Spain. Conference– 16.3.2022, 18.30h-ON-LINE-Free entry via Zoom link [...]
Raamid 2 – Pärnu, Estonia
Connected to Pärnu Artweek, I did a keynote/talk on the topic: INTERDISCIPLINARITY. Here you can find the little text connected to this talk. [...]
AN Symposium 2016
Until very recently, the innovations presented to the field of music notation remained fairly conventional. However, recent developments indicate that the [...]
Everyday Interfaces
Titel: Woo!Board Datum: 2011 Art:  Research Project Länge: – Ort: GUC, Kairo Keywords: Wii Controller, Kinect, Smart Phones Beschreibung: Aus den [...]