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What is AI? – First and foremost it is a tool – One may use it for programming java, to generate images that look like the ones of a well-known [...]
Inheritance is a piece for two dancers (written for the duo Roosna/Flak) using a webcam and live electronics (Max8). It deals with the fact that every [...]
Formula Mundi – The Book
With the support of hFMA and Hochschule Fulda, Guido Kühn and I published “The Formula Mundi Book”. And now it is finally printed. The books [...]
Raamid 2 – Pärnu, Estonia
Connected to Pärnu Artweek, I did a keynote/talk on the topic: INTERDISCIPLINARITY. Here you can find the little text connected to this talk. [...]
Formula Mundi 2020/2021
Due to the Covid situation, Formula Mundi Filmfest had to be postponed twice. Now we do it fully online. For more information visit [...]
Brexit – The Cartoons
The United Kingdom is doubtless a part of Europe, and is thus, a part of the inner constitution of the United Kingdom. Yet a diversion, most probably a [...]
AN Symposium 2016
Until very recently, the innovations presented to the field of music notation remained fairly conventional. However, recent developments indicate that the [...]
Formula Mundi 2014
Formula Mundi is an ongoing theme based film festival created by people that simply love film. We would like to invite filmmakers from all over the world [...]
Harpsichord XXI
There is a lack of profound contemporary teaching material for harpsichord. Especially for young students at an intermediate level. In order to change [...]
Formula Mundi 2012
The Formula Mundi Filmfest is a theme based festival dealing with concepts, struggles and changes within social structures. What happens if ones structures [...]