Concept This musical motion graphic is based on 10.000 pixels. The length of the score, the objects created and the structure of the piece are based on various mathematical (chance) operations and algorithms dealing with these 10.000 pixels.

Instruments The piece is for two instruments. However, these instruments are not determined. It could be acoustic instruments, voice, electronic instruments or any other means of sound generation.

How to play The two performers chose a colour, either green or red and stick to it through the whole piece. The instrument is played, sounds are generated only when colour hits the red bar. When there is white space, there is no sound. The performers may regard the y-axis as an indicator for pitch. However, this is not compulsory. The performers are free to paraphrase the graphic objects in a way they seem fit. Thereby, the performers are compelled to work out the shape and style of the graphics, e.g. round vs edgy.

Technical setup The score should be projected on a screen, to be seen by the audience and the musicians alike. There should also be PA system, as the video score contains already a soundscape.

Performance by Kenneth Flak and Külli Roosna using MiniBee accelerometers, SuperCollider and two human bodies as instruments. Live at “Kuumoon – Raamid2” – Pärnu Art Week, Estonia 2021

The Musical Motion Graphic

Decem Milia – musical motion graphic for two instruments – 2021