What is AI? – First and foremost it is a tool – One may use it for programming java, to generate images that look like the ones of a well-known [...]
Site Specific Culture Intervention
Kreative Videos per QR-Code Zum 45jährigen Bestehen der Zusammenarbeit von Hessen und Wisconsin haben Studierende der Hochschule Fulda, Fachbereich [...]
The differences between states, cultures, beliefs, sexes, or people are often misused in the media or in politics for a specific agenda. Therefore this [...]
Inheritance is a piece for two dancers (written for the duo Roosna/Flak) using a webcam and live electronics (Max8). It deals with the fact that every [...]
Decem Milia
Decem Milia
Concept This musical motion graphic is based on 10.000 pixels. The length of the score, the objects created and the structure of the piece are based on [...]
Dystopia is a 12min video which premiered on 14. October 2017 within an installation at the Kunstnacht Schwäbisch Hall at InAtelier. The video of [...]
AN Symposium 2016
Until very recently, the innovations presented to the field of music notation remained fairly conventional. However, recent developments indicate that the [...]
Book of Life
Idea The basic idea was to create a „book“ containing several Musical Motion Graphics (MMG). MMG are abstract animated visuals for a music notational [...]
Kirjad Perekonnale
Kirjad Perekonnale (Letters to the family) is part of my PhD research. Actually, it is the core of my analysis how animated notation works. Therefore this [...]
6:39 Studie I mit…
Titel: 6.39 Studie 1 mit… Datum: 2006 Art: Live Elektronik – Stereo Länge: 6.39 Minuten Sofware: Flash, CSound/Cecilia, Max/MSP Ort: Studio für [...]