What is AI? – First and foremost it is a tool – One may use it for programming java, to generate images that look like the ones of a well-known artist, or fake some stuff for your social media account… or you use it for really creative purposes!

Step 1: AI is fast. It is in some way faster than a google search. It is able to generate any kind of image. So instead of searching for inspiring works myself, I utilize AI to do this for me, according to my wishes.

Step 2: AI is not flawless. it generates hands with 6 fingers, people with three legs, important parts of the image are simply cut off, and a lot of other nonsense. You need to repair these mistakes. I use Photoshop for it.

Step 3: Additionally, the results AI presents, might not be possible to cut. The line thickness, curves, details etc. might be far beyond what you can do with a parting tool. So once the AI-created and corrected template is on the lino, you start to cut and carve in the old-fashioned way (you might have learned in school like me). So in the end, the cut will differ a lot from the template and you put a lot of your individual skills and maybe also a little chance in it.

Step 4: You need a professional with professional equipment for the print. I am very lucky! Check out this guy! He lets me use his printing press. 🙂 Hell yeah!

The concept: the whole idea involves several layers: a) I like the idea of using AI to create something old-school in the end, b) the whole working process passes through several digital and analog stages. The AI searches the web for digitalized analog works and creates a digital image. I (yes I am a human being) utilize this image, revise it with digital tools, print it out, and put it on the lino. Then I cut the lino and might lose a few drops of blood in the process. Finally, I print the lino using printing machines that were abandoned decades ago.

Maybe I got a screw loose or have a strange sense of humor, but I think this fourth and back, this digital and analog interplay is kind of funny!