Harpsichord XXI

July 11, 2014 - Anything else
Harpsichord XXI

There is a lack of profound contemporary teaching material for harpsichord. Especially for young students at an intermediate level. In order to change this, we started this project. Saale teaches herself. In other words we practically act from necessity.

Together with our partners we started a Call for Works. We are seeking contemporary works for harpsichord that are suited especially for teaching. The submission could be a song, a solo part of an orchestral work, an abstract musical graphic or sophisticated harpsichord exercises, to name but a few examples.

A jury will select the best submissions. These submissions will be published in our book and presented.

The book itself will be a collection of works, regardless of genre and style of notation. However, we emphasize on significant and clearly written explanations along with the submitted piece. These should explain why the submission is proper for teaching harpsichord and which skills can be practiced.

We simply hope to be able to help teachers to enrich their future harpsichords lessons with contemporary works to unfold the uniqueness and variability of the instrument.

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